1 Apr 20 - 13 Sep 20


Nambour Golf Club course is open for Golf. But the Government has introduced rules to protect us as we play. BUT - you had better read these conditions. 
Ignore them and we could be SHUT DOWN!

Read on here. 

Attached are the latest instructions for all golfers. We are updating these regularly and we regularly make  updates. It is imperative that players abide by the instructions especially anything associated with socializing.

Thanks, Steve (Club Manager)

Player and Staff Instructions Updated 01.04.20 @ 10:45

We ask all players to respect proper distancing from fellow players.

1 Player per cart will cost $20.00 plus competition fee. If putting 2 sets of clubs on the Cart with one player walking it will cost $30.00. Household Members can share a cart. (MEMBERS ONLY).

Visitors Cart $25.00 in Competitions. The visitors cost can vary due to previous arrangements.

Only 2 players per group. Latest tee off in Competition will be 2.00pm. There will be a competition every day. Players should arrive within 5 minutes of tee off. If early wait in car. No grouping anywhere on the course or clubhouse surrounds.

Players can alternate driving providing all the required sanitizing is completed.

Carts to be sanitized or cleaned by a similar product as many times as possible, with keys to be sanitized after each round.

No more than 1 player in the practice nets and 3 players on the practice or putting green at any on time.

Players to mark their own score card and sign it. Markers Signature not required.

No Ntps or Approaches- Prizes and rundown will be adjusted

Player to place score card in Card Box at main entry. No Score Entry via kiosk or whiteboard.

Competitions will be handicapped but maybe not on the day of Competition. The same applies to finalizing the Competition. White Markers Mon-Fri; Blue Markers Weekend.

Flags are in the hole and must be left in at all times.

Cups in greens to be inverted so ball is near the top of hole.

No Bunker Rakes, Preferred lie in bunkers.

Use of Water Fountains and taps is discouraged but not banned as if it is a hot day water might be needed. Bring your own food and water.

Rope on 18th is not engaged. Sand Buckets have been removed.

No Raffles or Squares to be sold.

Use of Credit, Debit card or Members Credit is the preferred option of payment. Cash will be accepted as a last resort. Even putting a cash payment into their Members credit would be great. No Cash outs.

No more than 2 in golf shop at any one time.

Ice Machine off Limits to everyone but clubhouse staff.

Social Golf

1 player and a cart $48.00

1 player walking $25.00

Golf Deals Bookings, ie Drummond, 2 for $66.00 etc. charge. $15.00 for extra cart. The club is trying to survive as well as giving good value. I believe this is fair.

All of the above to be reviewed regularly