Full Membership of the Nambour Golf Club for the year ending 30 June 2018 is $845.00


A pro rata fee is available at the start of each month for those who join through our golf year (contact the Office for  the current pro rata fee). Keep an eye out for any special promotional membership deals that may appear from time to time on our Home Page. 

There is no nomination fee!  

Membership Fees 1.7.18 - 30.6.19

  Gender - Code TOTAL
Full Member Male - FMM $ 875.00
  Female - FMF $ 875.00
Country Male - CMM $ 430.00
  Female - CMF $ 429.95
Junior Minor with H"cp Male - JMM $ 110.00
Under 14 Female - JMF $ 110.00
Junior 14-18 Male - SJM $ 135.00
  Female - SJF $ 135.00
Work 14-18 Male - JWM $ 190.00
  Female - JWF $ 190.00
Student 18 - 21 Male - SIM $ 200.00
  Female - SIF $ 200.00
Work 18-29 Male - WIM $ 315.00
  Female - WIF $ 315.00
Mature Student Male - MSM $ 450.00
  Female - MSF $ 450.00
Sport Season (6 Months) SPORT $ 470.00
Working Away Workaway $ 470.00
Social for Clubhouse only SOC $ 25.00
Temporary up to and Male - TEMPM $ 270.00
including 3 Mths Female - TEMPF $ 270.00

Membership entitles you to unlimited play on our course and also to discounted green fees with reciprocal clubs around the area.  Click on this link to clubs which offer this reciprocal arrangement

  Other additional costs would be competition fees of $14.00 for the day.

If you would like any further details please contact our office phone 5441 2049.

You can email any question or request about membership on

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    Andy and the team plan to attack the carpet grass in some of our greens. How will they do this, and how long before we see the effect?

    For this and other interesting plans the team has, check out Andy's report. 

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  • 22 Oct 2018


    A violent storm-shortened event took the gloss of an otherwise brilliant weekend of golf, showcasing some of the region's best golfers.

    To check out who were the successful players, with all the results listed, read on. 

    Go to Gallery  for images of some of the players in action! 

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    Standing on the tee, look back across your last green, with another green in the background. Which tee am I on now?

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  • 11 Oct 2018


    Ladies have finalised this year's foursomes championships. 

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  • 4 Oct 2018


    The Nambour Open is fast approaching, so Andy and his team are preparing the course for this signature event for our club. What are they up to?

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    President Peter has returned from Canada (quality time with son Morgan), and surprised by field sizes.

     "I must say it’s great to be home, but where is everybody? Social players continue to rise however, for whatever reason, the number of members playing golf both socially and in competitions is well down."

     So Peter, Management Committee and Steve have done some tweaking to improve golfing numbers here.

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  • 25 Sep 2018


    Golf can be a life saver!! Research done by specialists say so. Who said? How does this work? Read all about this article which appeared in the Sunshine Coast Daily this day (25 September)

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  • 24 Sep 2018


    The Rules of Golf have been modernised, and made so much simpler to follow and adhere to. But they will become effective in January 2019. So now is the time to get your head around the changes, and familiarise yourself with them before they are introduced.

    Captain Cal has drawn up this summary sheet to guide you through the major changes - so pick up your new Rules of Golf book from the Captain's table and start now! 

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